Now is the time to book your school carnival

Sunburst Carnivals are fun for the whole family

FREE  Delivery ~ FREE  Set Up ~ FREE use of up to 18 games

The schools that use Sunburst, and make a large sum of money are the ones that sell food, hold raffles.

Each time a student plays a game, they are guaranteed a prize with the tickets they purchased with their own money

Most of the games are '3' tickets (.75 cents)

3 Ticket Games (.65 cents)

1st Place Prize:

Costs .65 cents, you keep .10 cents = 13% profit

2nd Place Prize:

Costs .65 cents, you keep .10 = 13% profit

4 Ticket Games  ($1.00)

you make 10% profit

Prize Cost .90 cents, you keep .10 cents

5 Ticket Games ($1.25)

you make 10% profit

Prize Cost $1.10 cents, you keep .10 cents

6 Ticket Games ($1.50)

you make 16% profit

Prize Cost $1.25, you keep .25 cents

7 Ticket Games ($1.75)

you make 14% profit

Prize Cost $1.50, you keep .25 cents

8 Ticket Games($2.00)

you make 15% profit

Prize Cost $1.70, you keep .30 cents

Each game begins with an amount

of prizes based on your enrollment

All unsold product can be returned back to us for full credit.

You only pay for the product you hand out

and you make a profit! It's that easy!

FREE Delivery ~ FREE Set-Up & FREE use of up to 17 games

Call:  702-631-1835